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A 4 paper

A 4 paper
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A 4 paper

The invention of the cash register belongs to James Ritti from the city Dighton (State of Ohio). In 1871 he has decided to become restaurateur and has opened small saloon in Dighton. The institution quickly became popular, but instead of profit constantly yielded to the owner only losses. Administrative qualities of James were at anything here, the problem was covered in continuous theft and concealment of part of revenue by cashiers. Dismissal of these people did not help, came to their place new which could not keep too from opportunity to steal.

Incessant turnover of staff has practically ruined James Ritti to distract from problems, he has gone to cruise across Europe. By the ship James has become interested in the mighty machines setting the vessel in motion and has made friends with the chief mechanical engineer. During excursion on engine room of the ship he with great interest looked at automatic tachometer of rowing shaft, and suddenly the idea has come to its mind: "And why not to apply this principle to calculation of money?".

James Ritti

This idea has so captured James Ritti that he has decided to reduce the travel across Europe and has come back home. James has told the idea to the brother John, and together they have made the unpretentious machine for calculation of money. On it there were two rows of keys, each of which meant certain sum, and the hour dial with two shooters: one for dollars, and the second for cents.

Ritti's brothers have improved the second model of the cash register, they have replaced dials with the disks which have become classical. On this design on November 4, 1879 brothers have taken out the patent No. 221360. The third model of the device called "The incorruptible cashier Ritti" (Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier) was already able to show to the buyer the purchase sum, and the fourth punched result small holes on paper tape. It also became the first production model of the cash register.

Model of the first kassvy device

But, despite success of the invention, by 1881 James Ritti has understood that it is not interesting to it, and has returned to the small institution. He has sold the patent for the cash register to Jacob Ekkert who in 1884 has given the company to John Patterson, one of the first buyers of devices. Patterson has renamed afterwards firm into National Cash Register Company.

Today NCR Corporation is the multi-billion company releasing cash registers and the software for trade. Certainly, the modern NCR equipment has almost nothing in common with the first cash registers of Ritti any more unless these devices are also incorruptible.

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